New Year Maples!

To start off the new year, Tamata want to showcase three maple varieties that are sure to knock your horticultural socks off – the Acer palmatum Bloodgood, Osakazuki, and Garnet. These cultivars are extremely popular for a variety of reasons. So let’s get straight into it!
The Acer palmatum Bloodgood is part of the Amoenum group and has been cultivated since well before the 1900’s. It is one of the most popular up-right, red leaved maple forms in Europe. The Bloodgood is the variety that all new cultivars are judged against due to its depth of spring/summer colour. Throughout these seasons, the foliage becomes a very deep red which is held well into the late summer months. As the season changes to autumn, the Bloodgood’s foliage develops into a bright crimson tone. The leaf colouring is striking against the pale trunk, making the Bloodgood an extremely popular red leaved maple. But not all maples are red, the Acer palmatum Osakazuki displays brilliant green tones, and is the next maple variety in the spotlight!
The Osakazuki cultivar is a very famous green leaved Japanese maple. The foliage displays a rich green colour through the spring and summer months, before turning a fiery crimson-red tone in the autumn. The Osakazuki’s popularity can be attributed to some believing it to have the most intense autumn colour of any maple. Even at dusk, the vivid colouring of the Osakazuki radiates. If you are looking for a statement tree, then the Acer palmatum Osakazuki is the tree for you.
Our final variety is the Acer palmatum Garnet. We believe this cultivar is outstanding due to its interesting foliage colour. Leaf colour is a rich red-orange when grown in a sunny location, and this colour holds well into the summer season. The Garnet is a vigorously growing Japanese maple, and the mature form has a cascading, mound-shaped effect. This variety makes an exceptionally good quality plant for any garden.

So there you have it – the beautiful Acer palmatum Bloodgood, Acer palmatum Osakazuki, and the Acer palmatum Garnet, three of the most popular Japanese maple varieties. Check them out in the Maple Varieties catalogue of our website, or enquire at enquiries@tamata.co.nz.


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