Tamata Establishes South Island Distribution Facility

Tamata’s Acer palmatum Japanese maples are now available for view and purchase in the South Island.
Southern Maples: Tamata's maples are available in the South Island, NZ
Their newest facility was recently opened on the outskirts of Christchurch in Canterbury, NZ. The new site will provide a sales and distribution service for Tamata’s NZ trade customers located throughout the entire South Island. These patrons will have the opportunity to view and select exquisite mature Acer maples grown and nurtured by Tamata.
Popular Maple: Rows of the popular Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'
Southern Facility: Tamata's Japanese maples are happy to call the South Island home
One of Tamata’s popular maples is the Bloodgood; a hardy tree of deep red foliage, with tints of purple, that looks striking against its pale trunk. Trade customers throughout the South island will now be able to acquire Acer palmatum trees like the Bloodgood, with cost-effective delivery options.

The launch has been highly anticipated by General Manager David Parkes as it will provide great benefits to South Island customers. “We recognise the importance of providing local clientele with a local presence. We wanted to remove some of the expense and risk that potential customers would have had in bringing stock down from the North Island”.

Previously, customers often purchased larger quantities of stock in order to spread the transport costs of delivering maples between the North and South Islands. The new outlet allows Tamata’s trade customers to select stock only as required, which makes the buying process quick, easy and cost-effective.


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