2012 Export Settles in to New Home

The 2012 exported trees have been in their new home in the UK for a couple of months now; so how are they settling in?

As you will recall, the trees were taken to Tendercare, our distributor in Beaconsfield.
Some of the trees have now been moved to our new distributor, Bernhard's in Rugby (about an hour and a half north west of London).

Although the British summer has been very wet, the trees have flourished, with plenty of leaf now being on display.

Below are a couple of photos from the trees at Bernhards - it's amazing to think they were bare at the beginning of July.
Above: Butterfly and Palmatifidum
Above: Butterfly, Palmatifidum, and Tamukeyama
Above: Crimson Queen and Tamukeyama


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