Tamata becomes carboNZero accredited

Our company strongly values sustainability as a core business principle. Accordingly we committed to achieving carboNZero certification for our organisation. carboNZero certification involves taking accountability and action against the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated as a result of our business activities. Our carboNZero certification signals that we are taking a leadership role by reducing our impact on the environment and offering a sustainable alternative for our clients.

Why carboNZero certification?

It’s developed from solid science at Landcare Research, a New Zealand Government owned Crown Research Institute.
It’s the first GHG certification scheme in the world to achieve international accreditation through JAZ-ANZ. It is recognised in over 50 economies.
So you can be sure our organisation has been assessed comprehensively to the most rigorous international standards available for measuring and managing a carbon footprint.

So what does it take?

  • We have measured the GHG emissions associated with our business activities. What does our carbon footprint look like?
  • We have committed to managing and reducing these GHG emissions through top management commitment, setting targets and reporting on emissions reduction performance.
  • We mitigate the GHG emissions we can’t reduce, by purchasing verified carbon credits from credible offset projects. We invested offset our remaining emissions by Landcare Research’s EBEX 21 project which is helping to regenerate native forest.
  • We have these steps independently verified to ensure credibility and integrity.

Sustainable business practices are an essential a new way of doing business in the 21st century. That is why we have committed to achieving carboNZero certification. You can be confident that by purchasing from us, you are supporting environmentally friendly business practices as well as reducing your own personal carbon footprint.


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