Japanese Maples Grown in NZ

We at Tamata specialise in growing Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) to a mature age for sale through-out New Zealand.

From carefully selected rootstock, we propagate and grow to a mature age over 50 varieties of Acer palmatum cultivars.

Our five field nurseries are located in the lush Waikato region of New Zealand where plentiful sunlight, high rainfall and fertile soils combine to produce maples of superior quality and strength.

Japanese maples are cherished by landscape architects and garden designers for many reasons: brilliant crimson growth in spring, vivid green leaves in summer, radiant gold foliage in autumn, and gnarly branch structures in winter. An Acer never fails to grasp the hearts of people when they recognise the ever-changing beauty. To this end, Acer palmatum offer unlimited choice.


February 20, 2017
"Tamata Ornamental Tree Nursery" has recently been established in Newell Road, Tamahere on the outskirts of Hamilton to service landscaping and garden designer clientele. On display is New Zealand's largest selection of Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) comprising over 40 varieties in a range of gro...
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